By Bryant Williams

Now’s the time for cookouts with burgers, hot dogs, and beans.
It’s a dressing down occasion with shorts, chinos, and jeans.
It may be a neighborhood party in the backyard or at a park.
Often it’s an afternoon gathering that lasts ‘til after dark.

There’s lemonade, iced tea, and soda, and maybe even beer.
And sometimes there is corn on the cob to gnaw right off the ear.
“Skeeters” may come buzzing in ‘cause they like cookouts too,
But they don’t want your vittles; they just want a bite of you.

The kids are having fun splashing in the blowup wading pool.
You think about joining them ‘cause it really looks so cool.
When all have had their fill, and have flaked out in their chairs,
It’s a time to just relax and chat and forget all worldly cares.