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By Wolf D. Kutter

The new LLCA Leadership Team is working hard this summer to kick off the School Year 2016-2017 with a big bang.  After graduating the first class from the Lake Lure Classical Academy, Mr. Thomas Keever,  the new Executive Director,  Mrs. Linda Edgerton, and Mitch McNeely have sat down, made their assessment of the Lake Lure community student needs, the concerns of parents, and have begun mapping out School Year 2016-2017 for Elementary,  Middle School, and High School students and teachers.  Mr Keever engaged parents, community stakeholders, and teachers and leveraged a survey completed at the end of June. Some sixty parents responded to this survey and it is being used to frame the Goals and Objectives for School Year 2016-2017.

For Lake Lure Classical Academy, a tuition free public Charter School, small class sizes and focus on inspired academic learning is deemed THE key.  New initiatives to round out athletic and club programs for all students that allow them to be inspired, inquire and serve with character as Lifelong Learners are also coming.  One of the most important items on the LLCA  Leadership Team’s list is Teacher-Parent Communications and Parent – School Administration communications.  And, certainly not last, the build out of the Lake Lure Academy facilities, especially the ball fields which are on the verge of being contracted.

School Year 20126-2017 will start on August 17th. On Monday, August 15 the school  will have a “Meet your Teacher and Schedule pick up for Students and Parents”. The specific times for  Elementary, Middle School, and High School will be announced later by way of Facebook, Newsletter, and the official LLCA-CFA website.

For the first time, this summer,  the new Team is offering two Camps – one for upcoming Kindergarteners  and one for Math.

The Kindergarten Summer Camp, completely free of charge, ran July 26, 27 and 28 and the theme was “Camping.”  This was a chance for students to become comfortable, make friends, get to know teachers and staff as well as have a lot of fun. Award winning Kindergarten teachers Kay Dawkins and Brittany Wright led the camp along with several other Elementary School staff.

The Math Camp will be for students going into Grades 3-4-5-6. Math Camp will be held on August 1st-to the 4th from  9:00 AM  -1:00 PM. The camp is open to current LLCA students and any other students who would like to attend. A donation of $30.00 is asked and will be used for materials and snacks. The camp will be staffed by LLCA faculty. The focus will be on practical and fun use of math as well as dusting off basic skills before the school year begins. There will be local well organized field trips that will make use of nature’s classroom.

To inquire, register and save a spot for Math camp – please contact Mrs. Lola Barnes at 828-625-9292, or send an E-Mail to: lbarnes@llca.school

During Faculty workdays in August,  LLCA teachers will participate in a variety of teacher workshops and training. The Workshops will focus on Teacher–Parent Communications, implementing the rigorous Core Knowledge standards, make learning fun – engaging  – and most importantly relevant.  The faculty will also look and plan for more ways to “Celebrate Successes” in collaboration with Parents.

Finally, The Breeze asked Mr. Keever   how he sees he can make an impact on behalf of the students, parents, and the community:

“We are committed to providing the most stable, safe and appropriately rigorous education for all of our students. Every student, every day, no excuses!  Under the new LLCA Leadership guidance, the LLCA faculty understands the importance of communication. We will be dedicated to improving communication at all levels.

Most problems can be traced to misunderstandings based on late, inconsistent or inaccurate communications. We will be proactive by hosting regularly scheduled parent forums, parent teacher conference days, community celebrations of student achievements and milestones, in addition to keeping parents regularly informed about student progress.

As Director I want parents to always feel welcome and know that we will be responsive to your concerns, ideas and suggestions.  In short, the entire LLCA Leadership Team and faculty are ready to talk to parents, address their concerns and discuss how their child will “Soar with the Raptors” and thrive within the LLCA learning environment and a culture of excellence.”



Wolf D. Kutter is Lake Lure Classical Academy treasurer