By Cathy Leestma


Welcome to our guests this fine month of August! Wherever you hail from, we are glad that you chose to spend some time with us here in the gorgeous Hickory Nut Gorge. It may be our busiest month of the year as we welcome folks who will show their athletic skills at our annual Lake Lure Olympiad Sports Festival or celebrate a weekend of nostalgia at the fun Dirty Dancing Festival.

Two of the big circles on our personal calendar each year is the first day we swim in the lake and the last day of the season we swim. One confirms that summer is just ahead, the last lets us know that fall will soon blanket our roads and fields with the most glorious colors. When it’s hot and sunny and rain doesn’t fall, the lakes warm up. By the time we take our last dip, the chill is in the air and on the water. And there is something almost spiritual about swimming in a mountain lake. It is the combined qualities of purity, peace and loveliness that just for a moment release you from the cares and troubles of this world.