By Mary Karr

We are fortunate to have close by in Flat Rock, NC, the State Theater of North Carolina, The Flat Rock Playhouse, whose Broadway quality entertainment is being produced every spring, summer, and fall.  We particularly are fond of their musicals which are never miss shows.  We were there again to applaud their musical production of “The Music Man” a few days ago, and in a few weeks we are looking forward to seeing “Dolly Parton, 9 to 5”.  If you have never experienced this outstanding group of musicians and artists do check them out and be amazed at the performances.  Another musical delight right on our doorstep is the summer music that is known and loved all over the United States at the famous music school in Brevard, NC.

“Shall I compare thee to a summer day?” Sonnet 18, William Shakespeare

On a typical August sunny day we are truly blessed to live on beautiful Lake Lure, and be able to cast off in our canoe or deck boat and revel in that very traditional of pleasures of simply messing about in a boat.

We recently returned from a wonderful trip around the enchanting islands off the coast of Maine in a small ship.  We were again able to visit the remarkable museums of art in Rockland, Maine, which highlights paintings of the famous first family of American art, the Wyeths at the Farnsworth Art Museum.  N. C. Wyeth, the grandfather, was known as a distinctive and imaginative illustrator.  Then there was his son, Andrew (1917-2009), world famous for painting stark, melancholy scenes depicting the hardscrabble life of farmers and fishermen in coastal Maine or in the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania.

“No American painter was more skilled than Andrew Wyeth or possessed a greater ability to make marks with artists’ tools or watercolors.”  Ray Mark Renoldi, art critic.

And finally there is Jamie Wyeth, Andrew’s son, born in 1946.  He is an expert painter of realistic paintings describing something which is authentically American.  His subjects tend to be more free and humorous.  He lives in a lighthouse on one of Maine’s many islands about a mile offshore, Monhegan Island, which we could easily see from our boat as we passed by hoping for a glimpse of him painting by his shore.  We will continue to remember these Wyeth men for their unique contributions to American art with the sheer beauty of their accomplishments.

Please remember Saturday, August 20th, to visit the Lake Lure Inn where fifteen of our Lake Lure artists will be showing their work at a special art show during the day from nine to five.