By Michael Lewis



A happy client

I really like it when the leaves change their colors. They shed that summer green for Autumn’s reds, yellows, and oranges. I really like how the cooler air starts to creep in. It’s really welcomed this year after the summer we had. Don’t tell me there’s no global warming. I’ve seen it first hand. For over twenty years I have fished Lake Lure. I have never seen the water temp over 82 degrees. This year it was up to 87 degrees at 5 am. in the morning.

Fishing has been pretty good over the years here. There are times that you can go fishing and catch more fish than you would have thought possible. My 33 bass in 45 mins for example… It was all I could do to keep up with those two guys netting and unhooking bass right and left. Then I have been out with a family and we fished hard for three and a half hours with nothing to show for our efforts, though on the way back to the dock we all hooked a fish when the white bass busted a school of shad on top water right beside the boat. Talk about exciting! Then there are times when it’s not so exciting. I remember fishing for hours and catching nothing.

One of my most recent trips I had a mother and a daughter who had never caught a fish before. We all caught fish that morning, but I will have to say I’m not really sure who got more excited about catching their first fish, the mom or the daughter. I really enjoy that part of my job the best – watching someone catch the first fish or the biggest fish of their life. There’s just something about that smile or grin of total excitement when it happens. That makes my day.

Now seeing the Eagle fly down and grab a fish is really cool. You don’t see that every day. I do see it quite often.

I call my boat my desk and the lake my office, and I have to say over the last seventeen years as a guide I have seen some really amazing things. Sunsets that would take your breath away. Thunder and lightning storms that would make the Fourth of July fireworks look like a sparkler. But I guess one the prettiest things I get to see that a whole lot of people don’t get to see are the beautiful sunrises on Lake Lure. I have one picture in Town Hall, several in my home and one in my Beverly-Hanks Real Estate office over in Rumbling Bald Resort.

So if you want to see a family member smile like they never have, or if you would like to see one of the prettiest sunrises around, call me or drop me an email and let’s go fishing!


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