By Bryant Williams
I like the cooling weather when it’s neither hot nor cold,
And soon it will be the time when leaves turn red and gold.
The apple trees are yielding their juicy delicious fruit.
It’s time for apple and pumpkin pies, with hot cider to boot.

A tailgate party at a football game is a great fall event.
Picnics on a drive on the Parkway is a fall day well spent.
Take a hike on a cool mountain trail, and take the dog along.
Or sitting and enjoying October’s bright weather can’t be all wrong.

I’m glad I live in a beautiful area with four distinct seasons.
They each have unique features for widely varying reasons.
For its time of life renewal many folks prefer the spring.
Others prefer the summer when water sports are their thing.

Some folks even prefer winter when they can cozy up at home.
They sit by the fire and read a book with no desire to roam.
There are things I find to enjoy in every season one and all.
But I think for the most part my favorite one is fall.