When you live in a vacation destination like we do in this beautiful Western North Carolina region, visiting guests may not understand that we could use a vacation, too!  In the middle of all that lakeside fun, Cathy and I took off for Beaver Creek, Colorado to attend a family wedding.  It was also truly beautiful there with breath taking views at 10,000 feet.  The trip gave us some time to refresh our spirits.  I can only imagine what those Aspen will look like as they shimmer their golden leaves in autumn.

But no one should miss the spectacular fall we all have right here in the Hickory Nut Gorge and surrounding communities.  The vivid yellows and golds reflected in the lake as in our cover photo, and across the mountain ridges and valleys announce the new season with flair.

And is it fall or autumn? It was ‘fall’ until 16th century England made the terminology ‘autumn’ popular. Call it what you will. Just don’t miss it!

School has begun (read about Lake Lure Classical Academy p 5). Most are back to work already thinking when that next break will be.  This fall Breeze edition is filled with helpful ideas, local news, and happenings throughout the Gorge (see Breeze buzz below) and Rutherford and Polk counties (see p 39).

Take a break, sit down, relax and enjoy any page you like.  Are we missing your story?  Please let us know by emailing me at mountainbreeze@bellsouth.net.

‘Happy fall’ will soon be ‘happy holidays’, so take that break real soon!