By Tommy Hartzog

Exec. Dir., HNG Chamber of Commerce

Little Jimmy played on the floor at the feet of a father engrossed in the afternoon paper. After repeated interruptions, the Dad tore a page out of a nearby magazine and proceeded to tear the picture of the world globe into many pieces. He put the pieces on the floor and challenged his son to put the world back together. Shortly thereafter, and to the father’s astonishment, little Jimmy cried out “ I have the puzzle solved Daddy”. Looking down, the father saw that the oceans and continents were beautifully aligned and placed in the correct places.

He smiled and asked, “How did you do this so quickly?” Little Jimmy replied “ it was easy Daddy, I just put the picture of the man on the back together and the whole world was put together too!”

Your Chamber is at work to put the right pieces together to enrich the lives of citizens, increase the quality of life, provide opportunities and, perhaps most importantly, unify our community with respect to communications and a spirit of cooperation and teamwork. In 2016 alone we have had numerous families move to our community, place their kids in our school, open accounts in our bank, open a new business and ask, in a spirit of volunteerism, “what can I do to help?”

None of this would be happening had leaders not identified essential needs and sought to fulfill those goals.

Identifying and managing growth is crucial to any community and quality growth is essential to the health and vibrancy of all communities. We are strengthened by growth processed in the right way.

We must always be mindful of communities that are suffering as for lack of growth. Decay has set in many communities around our country and people are suffering declining property values, low incomes, depressing community spirit, declining recreational opportunities and decreasing financial opportunities for younger families.

We are very fortunate indeed to have had leaders with foresight who put the pieces together for a healthy community going forward. Increasing diversity, fresh ideas and energy are the products of quality growth.

Your Chamber is at work and your support is vital to a healthy Chamber.

YOU are a big piece of the puzzle!