By Bill Williams

I came along in the journalistic world when one depended on the dictionary for spelling and the thesaurus to dress it up. The computer was still a gleam of a dream away.

I spent a lot of time in The Gazette’s composing room back then when metal pages did the job, though upside down and backwards. Imagine trying to make sense out of the Gettysburg Address, upside down and backwards. Old Abe would have chuckled.

For me, the past few months have clothed my world with upside-down-and-backwards stuff. If you want the Ten Commandments, better start with number 10 and back up.

My strange world began over a year ago while I was walking the kids’ dogs. Suddenly, the path ahead was more tilted than my feet could handle. I did make it back home where the battle began.

It’s called a stroke. Not good. The dictionary has trouble defining.

Since then, a lot of doctors have helped. And I am on the improvement list. We move ahead, knowing about hostile territory and happy to have the privilege to let hope be my friend. We move on.

I have good help. My wife and blood kin. Others; people who also know what they are doing. Together, we make progress. These past 13 years at Covenant Village, Gastonia, NC, have found that there is no better place than this for getting better, faster.


I keep returning to a little thought that was put down and given a spot on my wife’s mantle. It is this:


If I should live to a ripe old age,

            May I possess some bit of

            Individuality, charm and wit

            That I may not be discarded

            When I am withered, worn and weak

            But sought after

            And cherished like a fine antique.


See you around.