By Michael Lewis
I can’t help but think that the weather really played a big part in the fishing this year. With the heat of the summer, then the cool down in October, now is the quiet time of winter. The fishing is as good if not better this time of year. The water skiing is over and the traffic on the lake is almost zero.

This is when I troll for big lake trout. The town of Lake Lure used to put a lot of trout in the lake in November. That was a few years ago, but there are still some trout in the lake. All you have to do is go slow.

I have been very successful using a minnow type bait. Black and silver or blue and silver work really well. You can also use a spoon. Gold or silver works great.
The bass are still interested in feeding but you have to put the bait right in their face. The cold weather has them moving very slowly. I will use a drop shot rig or a whacky worm and fish a little deeper than we do most of the year. I have been catching a lot them on a purple worm. The last trip I took we caught nine large mouth bass all on the purple worm rigged whacky style. I’ll tell you it wasn’t easy.

I donate some trips every year. And the last one, the guys caught a lot of trees and stumps. When I got one loose from being caught in a tree, it fell back in the water, a four pound bass grabbed the bait and took off. We all agreed that it must like pine scent because it was caught up in a pine tree.

So if you have never been fishing in the winter months then you should give it a try. Give me a call.

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