By Robert Taylor


Like any typical stamp or coin collection, there are many areas that you can concentrate on or simply, specialize in.


Topical stamps are just like the name indicates….a particular topic indicated on the stamp. Some samples that people often collect, mount and display in their albums are:


* Fish

* Birds

* Sports Figures

* Famous (and infamous) Leaders

* Airplanes

* Automobiles

* etc., etc.


Interesting enough, a solid collection of any of these sample topics above will actually contain mostly foreign (also called “World”) stamps. Most topical collections I see today are made up of 95% world and 5% U.S. stamps.


The colorful topical collection albums can be made up of both mint and used stamps. Most importantly, the stamps can be obtained rather inexpensively which helps greatly. Some albums can certainly grow to reasonably large proportions because of the availability of a particular topic such as “Fish”. I acquired recently an album that contained 1,870 different stamps with pictures of fish. That’s quite amazing when you think about it. Even more unique are the countries that produce some of these topics. Many land locked Arab countries produce literally 100’s of these stamps even though their respective land mass does not contain much in the way of fish.


Creating topic type stamp collections is fun and easy to get started. You can obtain 1,000’s of various stamps for very little financial outlay. Within those bags of stamps, you then sort out the ones you want to start a topical collection with. Unfortunately, when it comes time to dispose or sell those created albums, they do not command a very high price. Remember, inexpensive stamps generate an inexpensive return.


However, the fun and the pride that you take to find and mount the stamps is hard to put a price on.


Collect topical stamps for fun……not profit.


Happy collecting!


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