With the founding of the Raptors Soar Scholarship, Vista at Bill’s Mountain has started something that is likely to be a trend throughout the community. The $5,000 Raptors Soar Community Scholarship will be awarded to one or two members of the 2017 graduating class at Lake Lure Classical Academy who exhibited leadership in building bridges and making connections across different segments of the community. Vista also presented the school with another $2,500 for Math and Reading Camps and a pledge for similar funding for camps in 2017.

Vista at Bill’s Mountain currently has 30 homes with full time and part time residents. Another ten homes and condos are under construction. Most importantly, over 90% of the residents in Vista at Bill’s Mountain contributed towards this scholarship. “The community is growing, and so is its spirit to contribute to the Lake Lure Community organizations.” says Wolf Kutter, a Vista resident and LLCA board member. “Our community was looking for a tangible and meaningful way to support this school, because it benefits all of us in the area, not just those who have children or jobs at the school.”

The founding of this scholarship recognizes that Lake Lure Classical Academy impacts the community far beyond those who directly attend or are employed there. Soon after the founding of LLCA, the Lake Lure Community Education Foundation (LLCEF) was formed with the vision to “create a nationally recognized learning community for all generations.” The one consistent message from LLCEF has been this: the school is a necessary element to create a complete community, replete with amenities that make the area a fulfilling place to live year round. “Our theme from the start has been lifelong living, lifetime learning,” says Esther Lusk, Chair of the Scholarship Committee. “The school makes a difference to everyone in the area. We are thrilled to see a neighborhood develop a unique scholarship, and would love to see more groups do the same.”

LLCEF created and administered two scholarships for the first graduating class of 2016, and will also administer the Raptor’s Soar and other LLCA scholarships going forward.  If you or your group are interested in contributing to the LLCEF Scholarship Fund and/or creating a specific scholarship, please contact Esther Lusk at elusk28746@gmail.com.



Mr Jim Sherfey presenting Mr Keever a Certificate for a $5,000 Raptors Soar Community scholarship. Additionally, Mr Chip McDonnell presented the second Certificate of $2500 for LLCA Math and Reading Camps to address Math and Reading Remediation and Acceleration.