By Eileen and David Coates

“Any suggestions for a weekend trip?” I asked my colleague. “Have you been to Lake Lure? Best kept secret in North Carolina.” was her reply. “And you must stay at Rumbling Bald” she added. So, off we went, thinking it would be a relaxing, interesting weekend – not knowing it would change our lives forever.

That first weekend at Rumbling Bald, we toured the lake, had lunch at Legends, dinner at Lakeview and walked and talked. I knew this weekend was different when David reminisced about his childhood memories of fishing with his grandfather in the Lake District back home in England. There was a peace about him that weekend which I usually don’t see in our hectic everyday life.

Before we left that first weekend, we knew we wanted Hickory Nut Gorge to be a part of our lives. We met Jim Hester that Monday morning and he introduced us to living in Rumbling Bald.

Over the last six years, we have bought and renovated a villa overlooking the 3rd fairway, purchased a sweet little pontoon and two kayaks. We sit on our upstairs balcony, watching the golfers tee off, wondering at times if we were in danger of getting hit! At sunset we watch the course become a playground for children, laughing as they roll down the hill and spook the geese. When the children go in, the deer come across from Bear Lake to graze. We have had skunks under our deck, battles with carpenter bees (David is brilliant with a badminton racket!) and daily visits from our neighbor, the chipmunk. Still no bear sightings, but we live in hope!

We have come to appreciate the gifts that Mother Nature continually give us. The reawakening of spring, the warmth of summer, and the majesty of autumn. My favorite season is winter-the crisp air, the morning icy dew on the course, and above all, the beauty of the silence.

David talks about the ‘great adventure’ we took when we left England to move to North Carolina seventeen years ago. Married to an American, he did not hesitate when I told him I wanted to go home and asked him to investigate possible career opportunities in the U.S. This landed us in Winston-Salem, compliments of Wake Forest University. We have been very happy here all these years, but lately we have been hankering for another ‘great adventure’.

I know that our love of this area has been shared by many who visit and vacation in Lake Lure. What many don’t do, however, is to plant roots here. This is the next great adventure for us. We hope to share this adventure with you in further editions of the Breeze, describing our ups and downs during the process of land buying and house building. Perhaps it might inspire some to also take the plunge, others to perhaps laugh and shake their heads, remembering their own ups and downs. We hope you enjoy experiencing the ride with us!