By Michael Lewis

Nice bass caught by Dennis Streelman before the lake draw down near that big log pictured in the creek at ‘low pond’.

Well, if you have a boat in the water, you’ve got it made because most people can’t get their boat in the water when they draw the lake down – there’s no competition. The bait fish can’t get back up into the creeks because the creeks are just little trickles of water. So they have to stay out off the drop offs and ledges and they bundle up. The bass don’t have to look very far for food.  If you find the bait fish, you can pretty much use any lure you want as long as it looks like a minnow – LOL.  

The important thing is to slow down when you’re fishing. When  it’s cold,  they don’t like to go very far fast. A jig or a spoon will keep the bait in front of the fish longer and a drop shot rig might work even better.  The main thing is to get out there.


One of my favorite things to do when they lower the lake is to take pictures of the creeks. You can really learn a lot from the pictures on your phone, especially if you are fishing a lake that has been lowered and is then full again. When the lake is lowered, you can see all the logs, stumps and rocks that are under the water. Photos will give you those sharp images that a depth finder can’t give you when the lake is full. You can really learn a lot if you pay attention to what the lake really looks like when the water is down.


The good thing is that the water is still running in the river above the lake. The trout in there are still hungry and there are several other streams and creeks around the area to explore. So give me a call at 828-233-0269 or check out my website Take a child fishing and watch them smile.