By Robert Taylor

Lately, a very commonly asked question.

During these past few months, the gold and silver prices have moved both up and down. During the month of November, 2016, they have moved mostly downward. Spot gold is down about 5-6% and spot silver is down about 9%.

Does this have an effect on your silver and/or gold holdings? The obvious answer is yes. If you are planning on selling your holdings, the dealer will give you a little less for it than say the first few months of the year.

Most coin collections I appraise are accumulations of coins retained over the years or passed down from a family member. Many of these coins were obtained in the 1930’s to 1950’s when silver coins were part of normal circulated coinage. Many silver coins obtained in this fashion were obtained at face value. Today of course, the price of silver is much higher than those years thus silver coins have enjoyed a substantial increase in value. So much so that most common silver coins have a silver melt value higher than a collector appeal price for a coin.

Here’s an example:

A 1948 average circulated quarter has a collector value for someone’s collection of about $1.30-1.50 (or even less). The current silver melt value for that same quarter is about $2.00-2.25. Most circulated Washington Quarters from 1932-1964 fall into this valuation category other than the 1932-D and 1932-S which are sought by dealers and collectors because of their scarcity.

You would think that with all the turmoil in Syria, terrorist activity in mid-east countries, a pending Brexit, a China stock market totally controlled by the government, etc., the spot price of gold and silver would rise. However, in one of my previous articles I mentioned that as long as the U.S. dollar is strong versus other currencies, prices of gold and silver will remain basically stable or even decrease.

If an expected interest rate hike occurs and if inflation begins to creep back again, then you may see the prices of gold and silver go up.

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