By Bryant Williams

We honor wartime heroes,
And this is only right.
We honor our brave lawmen,
Who guard us day and night.

We honor Mom and Dad,
Like the Bible tells us to.
We also honor star athletes,
And many more for what they do.

But there are some we often overlook,
Who unselfishly give their time.
They are the unpaid volunteers,
Who are never paid a dime.

They suddenly appear in our times of need,
To help in any way they may.
They come with many skills to give,
To ease our pain and save the day.

So give these hidden heroes thanks,
Every time that you may see one.
They add so much to our lives.
Or better yet, why don’t you be one?


Dedicated to the hundreds of firefighters
from 25 states who valiantly and very
successfully fought the Party Rock Fire
saving all our buildings with no loss of life)