The Hickory Nut Gorge

By Tommy Hartzog

Exec. Dir., HNG Chamber of Commerce

Greetings and Happy New Year to YOU!

Now that you have dried off from your very first Polar Plunge %#&?!…. let’s get down to business about 2017.

We saw much progress in our Gorge communities in 2016. Most initiatives addressed advanced goals set by leaders to increase essential services, enhance property values, foster business and employment opportunities, and otherwise improve the lives of our wonderful citizens and visitors.

Positive results create momentum and energize people to work harder toward the objectives at hand. We collectively have much to build on in the coming twelve months.

In the last three years, the Chamber has observed exponential gains in communications and unity within our community, our County, and the Western NC Region. This esprit de corps serves us well, and inarguably makes us stronger.

Recently, this unification was on complete display for the entire world to witness. The Party Rock fire of 2016 revealed the true character of who we are as a community and a nation. The unselfish sharing, the twelve hour shifts, sleeping on the ground and on cots, exposure to injury or death, strategic cooperation by multiple Chiefs, and the overwhelming volunteer support groups all served to demonstrate unfolded layers of character not seen in day to day life. Adversity in life touches every single human, family, village and country, and “every adversity has the seed of a greater benefit.”

These “seeds of benefit” will grow to make us stronger with a much greater spirit of togetherness.

Thank you as always for your continuing support of The Chamber.

Speaking of unified-please observe the logo of the Chamber and specifically that of the leaf of the Hickory tree……………… WITH 5 LEAFLETS

Bill’s Creek, Bat Cave, Gerton, Chimney Rock, Lake Lure