By Randy Snyder

I picked up my “pen” on December 29th, 2016 as I was inundated with information about resolutions, via the internet, print media along with TV talk shows. After gleaning the info and trying to capsulize what I learned I offer the following. It is all about being A better you and the many ways to get there. After all, the problem with most resolutions, thus the reason only 5% to 10% are achieved, is making subjective resolutions or goals without following the necessary ways to get there!

  • As the saying goes “a happy wife is a happy life” — I augment that with “so is a happy husband!” In the interest of that proven axiom, why not make compromising solutions, one for you and one for her or him! We all have “heel biters” that upset our spouses, and they have the same that upset or irritate us! Make resolutions, one (or more), to each other each to stop those heel biters.
  • The resolution to lose weight is a very common one. Get real! Make a resolution to lose 5 pounds in three months and then another 5 in six etc. until you hit your goal. You can’t manage a resolution unless you measure it. Weigh yourself along the way, maybe one day each week to stay on track. Always add HOW you will do it. Examples could be, not buying snack foods but buying fruit instead, reduce eating fast food from three days to one, reduce drinking two alcoholic beverages daily to one every other day, etc.
  • Another frequently verbalized resolution is to get in shape! First and foremost, define what is means to get in shape.   Is it losing 2 inches in your waist line? Is it to add definition to your arms?   Broadly stated goals are the ones mostly abandoned. Specificity matters.
  • Resolutions that positively affect the world, our environment, our friends and mankind are some of the best that culminate into A better you. A few examples are:
    • Paying it forward defined as performing random acts of kindness with no expectations of reciprocation done to make someone feel good or better.
    • Volunteering for an organization, a nonprofit or in kind giving that does good things and represents good causes.
    • A better you is a you that looks and feels better. Do it now! Make a dentist appointment if only for maintenance, get a physical that you may have been ignoring, refresh your wardrobe by going shopping, go to your barber or hairdresser and get a new “do”.
  • Another psychological affect that makes you A better you is reaching out to that forgotten relative, an old friend or even someone to whom you have become estranged. No reason is needed other than the need to reconnect or share your concern, update that person or receive updates from them.
  • Declutter your life and your surroundings for a better you. Decluttering leads to better organization and adds to an individual ability to destress and relax. Getting rid of stuff that is not needed, outdated records and paper, books or magazines that you have finished makes for room for the new.
  • Discover new knowledge, interests and wisdom. Nothing makes for A better you than doing something that is self-enriching and fulfilling. Read a book on something that is intriguing and of interest to you. Study something that has always been a mystique or wondrous to you. You will become a better and improved conversationalist, overall A better you!

By the time you read this, we will already be well into 2017. Nonetheless, resolutions and/or closely related affirmations to make you feel better about your life, about yourself, about those around you and your surroundings are always worth pursuing.

My personal resolution for A better me is to continue to journal those things that I think Mountain Breeze readers will enjoy and find helpful and meaningful. I receive self-satisfaction by writing about and sharing things that I sincerely believe in. I try my best to walk the walk and not only talk the talk but write the talk, too!