Marianne Flanders book reviews…



by Charles F. Price

historical fiction

Academy Publishers Chicago


Civil War buffs have likely read a good number of books, fiction and non-fiction, on the subject. However, this one takes the reader away from the battlegrounds known so well from historical accounts and fictional experiences.

There is a glimpse of the fighting as experienced by the young men from the mountainous area by the Hiwassee River in eastern North Carolina, and it is graphic, but this book takes us to the other side of the war, another war in itself that was played out in the farmland and settlements that have never heard and felt the cannons or seen the devastation of the actual battle. The main action of this confrontation occurs in the beautiful farmland itself as outlaw groups raid and kill the livestock and the families for nothing more than the desire to wreak havoc in the countryside.

Even though the action is hard to follow at times, the impact of the reality of these murderous, thieving renegades broadens the picture of the history of this terrible war that divided the country and devastated so much of the land and its people. This tale and the knowledge imparted from reading it will not soon be forgotten.