By Michael Lewis

I’m glad to have water back in Lake Lure. They drew it down to work on the dam. What a lot of people don’t realize is that when you lower the lake then bring it back up, the fish haven’t been able to get to some of the places where they like to hide or feed. With no water they can’t get back in the creeks. When the water starts to rise the fish will follow it all the way back and start setting up beds to spawn in. If the water is still coming up and the fish start to spawn they could end up in too much water and the eggs won’t hatch without enough sunlight. So we really hope that the water is back to normal before the fish start to spawn.

ohn Marks (L) and family with their catch

It’s the time of year when the fishing can be really good or just so. If you’re on the water early before all the traffic gets started you have an advantage. Just remember no wake before 7am. It’s best to troll around and look for fish on your depth finder than it is to motor around. You tend to miss a lot motoring over places, and your motor makes more noise than the trolling motor. I have used my canoe more than once to slip up on a big bass. They never knew I was there. With my bass boat I can troll and be silent. The depth finder will show me my lure under water at 50 feet so I can see the lure and the fish. It’s still called fishing because you can bounce that lure right in front of them and they won’t even move. Then some days you can watch them chase a lure ten to fifteen feet to grab a bait.

It’s really hard to tell what they are going to do unless you get out there and chase them around. So get put on the water. If you don’t have a boat or you have been fishing this lake with no luck give me a call. I can’t count how many people that have called me who have lived on the lake for years and have never been able to catch a fish. They get on my boat and within an hour they have caught a fish. They look at me like what have I been doing wrong, I don’t know because I wasn’t with them when they weren’t catching fish. So if you want to get on the lake and catch fish contact me at 828-223-0269, or