By Justin Taylor

It never fails that during your spring and summer vacation, when you stopped into that small vineyard and winery in route to your favorite weekend gathering, and grabbed a bottle so memorable, you wish it could be on demand at your doorstep. Let’s face it, the network of alcohol distributors do a solid job getting some brands to the store shelf, but it is not economical for all of them to carry wine from small wine producers. This is where a segment of the wine business called “Direct to Consumer” or commonly phrased as a “Wine Club” can provide you with the next wines you purchase from that memorable vineyard you visit in 2017.

Wine clubs have grown to represent many parts of the wine world, but their biggest benefit to consumers and producers exist in the form of a single producer club. This would be an annual subscription to a service that agrees to ship you a hand selected lot of wines to your doorstep, generally once a quarter. This can total 12 bottles, one case, over the course of the year, up to multiple cases based on your budget and desire. One of the unique aspects of a club associated with a single vineyard is that you get to share in the happenings of the operation with a connection shared amongst an enthusiastic group of wine drinkers. If you live relatively close to the vineyard, some quarterly releases or shipments have on-site parties associated with picking up your allotment, just another fun way to be involved. Consider expanding your cellar in 2017 with membership in a wine club that offers such benefits.

The answer to last issues trivia questions is Brazil. Brazil has been developed with a growing industry working in both wine and juice production from American and Hybrid grape varietals. The current trivia question is: Which family of traditional wine grapes is responsible for producing wines labeled Moscato?


Justin Taylor is Head Winemaker at Parker-Binns Vineyard and Winery, Mill Spring, NC.