By Cathy Leestma

Recently I asked our nine year granddaughter, Paige, what was her favorite season of the year?

She answered that she loved the beautiful colors of fall, but then summer was great for swimming and winter was so cozy with a nice mug of hot chocolate. All in all she determined (are you ready for this?) that “the season she was in” was her favorite.

Out of the mouth of babes comes such great wisdom. Am I the only one out there who is still learning to live in the moment? Please say no! What is it about human nature that causes us to want what we don’t yet have and may never need? Why do we live “out there somewhere” and then realize we have completely missed the moment, day, year, lifetime?

I’ve been scolding myself lately quite a bit in this regard. Girl, be here now! – today, this moment, these people, this scene, this fresh, fragrant air, this month, this birthday or hard day. Wherever I am, take it in and create a memory that will hold up well for the years.

And so it goes that I hope this spring season of renewal, rebirth, new life and beauty will encourage us to stop and live in this very moment we are in. Maybe we will run into each other and wouldn’t that be a nice moment to share? Happy Spring!