By Becky Cook

Please take another quick look at this question. Don’t be fooled. You may already be savoring some scoops of that tasty, refreshing frozen delight mentioned in the title. Join me and you may be surprised, at the very least, about what‘s on my mind.

Although the whole idea of making choices about the number of scoops of ice cream, OR the number of ice cream scoops in the drawer, there‘s no predicting when we might need to think about it again. It became an issue when we made our move to Lake Lure. We had some idea of our destination and our space parameters. However, we were not certain when/where our next move would be. Since our current house is on the market we must keep ourselves at the ready every moment. We keep a sort-and-purge mode on all small equipment all the way from the number of ice cream scoops (5 or 6 is way too many!) in a kitchen drawer, to the size and number of rooms, all the way to the number of closets, storage spaces and yard we might face. In fact we’re on track all the time streamlining our possessions and living spaces, being ready to pack it up and move it out as quickly as possible.

I’m always in awe at the way God “sets us up” in preparation for some forthcoming event. And we usually have to rely on retrospect to “see the light come on” regarding the unfolding of the script. Whether it involves cleaning out the refrigerator BEFORE you smell the spoiled dish of food in the back, or removing out-of-season or never used garments, or pulling out from under the bed those out of reach items you thought were long gone, you receive an “ah-ha moment” of discovery and you learn the cathartic effects of streamlining your stuff! The attic with the pull down stair becomes a forbidden space for the Christmas decorations, the sleeping bags, the luggage, and MORE because our aging bodies and certain physical limitations make it unsafe! I like the very descriptive label one friend of mine gives to a storage area in her basement. She calls it her “Put Room.” It’s a miraculous place to put stuff you‘re not sure about (and keep it out of sight!) till you’re ready to make a decision on its next destination.

I guess you figured out by now that Spring Cleaning is slightly on my mind. When my Mom kept house it was one of the “rites of spring” though not so much now. Whether or not there’s a move in your offing, or you’re just hoping to make your current living space more uncluttered and refreshed, the first thing you have to do is make a pact with yourself to separate out the things you consider keepers, and hang on tight. Then be flexible with the rest. You don’t have to be moving, just increasing your quality of life and time and energy management. Go ahead and count your ice cream scoops! It won’t bother me. Just don’t try to take away my favorite flavor of Friendly’s. You might learn that I’ve dreamed up a new use for the excess scoops!