By Michael Lewis

Well the lake has FINALLY come back up. February, March and April are usually good months to fish. ‘Not this year when you go to fix a dam that is almost a 100 years old.  You could and more than likely run into a snag or a problem if they don’t make the part you need anymore.

I have had people calling me since February wanting to go fishing. Trust me I wanted to take them. ‘Only problem is I can’t carry my 2500 pound bass boat over a hundred yards of mud to get on the water. The weather took its time helping the lake come back up. But as you can always say if when you least expect it, it will happen, and the rains came and filled up the lake really fast in three days. There is trash in the lake due to the draw down, so be careful.

I was able to put my boat in the water last week for the first time this year and boy what a time we had. Carter Patno eight years old and his dad were freezing.  They only brought one coat even though I told them it would be cool in the morning- 32 degrees. We eased out to one of my spots but it was too windy to sit still. We moved up the lake to a cove and got out of the wind.

As soon as we started fishing Carter hooked a nice bass. I told him to set the hook but when the bass, a two pounder, jumped out of the water it spit out the hook.

We caught three fish that morning and I believe that we missed at least three more. That’s real good when it’s cold and the water is like chocolate milk. They were eating a purple plastic worm, and were all around rocks and boat docks. You had to fish slow. Real slow. But the lake is back up and ready to be fished.

Take a child fishing and watch them smile. You may have some fun, too, getting out there and chasing those fish around.  Let me help you with the chase! Michael Lewis 828-223-0269