By Mary Karr

Watercolor painting has always been for me a great adventure filled with excitement and challenge.  Someone once told me that, “water coloring is like piloting a plane, flying on your own but having a thorough knowledge of the mechanics of your craft.”  You can read forever how to do it, but practicing is learning to control it.  Watercolor in America has deep roots, but it was only in the mid nineteenth century that it came to be regarded as an independent vehicle for artistic experience.

Watercolor with its freshness, spontaneity, and delicate, luminous color is an ideal medium to use to paint nature in all its forms.  Most leading watercolorists demonstrate every technique needed to successfully compose, draw, and paint a wide variety of flowers which I find fascinating.  What could be more glorious than the colors of a sunset or garden full of peach or apricot blooms on a warm spring day?

“I have been in the meadows all the day and gathered there the nosegay that you see.  Singing within myself as bird or bee when such do field work on a warm day of May.” Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The term watercolor implies any painting medium which is soluble in water.  It doesn’t matter how well you master the technique of watercolor you can never be sure if your next painting will be a fresh work of art or something that has to be scrapped.  The temperament of watercolors guarantees the final result will be as unpredictable as it is challenging.

An upcoming event will occur on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, May 27-29.  This will be the Lake Lure Arts and Crafts Festival in Lake Lure across from the beach.  Many of our Lake Lure artists will be participating in the show.

Our Lake Lure artists will be meeting for our annual garden party art meeting on Thursday, May 11, at 9:30 at my house, 172 Tanner Drive on the lake.  If you are interested in our art group and would like to meet and know some talented artists, please come and join us for a fun and productive morning.