By Dave Leestma

Yes, summer’s warmth can make us perspire, but take the time to absorb your surroundings this time of year. Not everyone can enjoy living or visiting on the front porch of the Blue Ridge like we do.

Celebrating 30 years serving the greater Lake Lure area, the Breeze continues to be a work in progress.  In the last edition of The Mountain Breeze, I asked, “What’s your story?”  We published two of your responses received. Bat Cave resident Flo Mayberry wrote about experiencing spring in the mountains (see page 44), and Lake Lure resident Alice Garrard wrote about her recent trip with friends to Cuba (see page 46).  I want to hear your story, too.  E-mail me at:

During this celebration year, the Breeze is publishing the story of a local history maker in each Breeze edition.  This issue captures the story of Rolland King who developed the north end of Lake Lure which is now Rumbling Bald Resort.  See page 39 for my interview with him.

We welcome a new writer, Debbie Clark, a North Carolina Master Gardener, who writes in this edition about container gardening (see page 16). And don’t miss our Lake Lure mayor’s suggestions for summer (see page 5), several Hickory Nut Gorge Chamber of Commerce projects happening this season (see page 16) and some noteworthy events and plans for Lake Lure Classical Academy (see pages 7, 10 and 14).

You’ll find so much more to read in between each story I’ve mentioned.  So keep your eyes open and allow nature’s early summer beauty around you to settle your spirit. Inspiration can simply come from the color of the sky.

Let summer soak in a bit. Then pick up the Breeze again and enjoy some more good early summer reading.