By Jack Johnston

Long ago a sad man sat

And dreamed of happy days,

When love would come and take his heart

Among the clouds to play.


He dreamed of a beautiful lady,

Elegant, kind and true,

Passionate, loving and playful,

Someone just like you.


Though dreams were all the sad man had

He never quite stopped thinking,

Perhaps one day he’d find a love

That would save his heart from sinking.


Through the years he wandered,

Aimless, sometimes lost,

Wondering if love’s sweet caress

Was much too great a cost.


Then despair was lifted

As calm came to his soul,

For time had finally let his heart

Feel healthy, hail and whole.


For the love of a beautiful woman

Had saved his sinking soul,

And covered his heart with kindness

To protect it from the cold.


Now he soars with eagles

As his heart is lifted high,

And they play among God’s lofty clouds

And dance across the sky.



Written in 1995, the Lake Lure author writes about his wife Melody who passed away April 5, 2017.