By Michael Lewis

If I could pick the weather every day that I fish, I would pick a day that looks like it’s going to rain but it never does. Let me explain. Most people want to go out fishing when it’s pretty. But if you can find a cloudy day or stand a little drizzle, you can bet that you will catch more fish!

Robert Twaoka with his catch

I fished last weekend, and the first day as soon as I turned off the boat the fish were feeding on bait. You could see both of them jumping out of the water. We caught several fish. The only problem with the day was when the sun came up the fish went away. We had a good hour and a half of terrific top water action! Then the fish were gone.  No more top water. ‘Had to change to a jigging spoon and drop it straight down to the bottom and then bounce it up and down. I think we caught seven bass. That was day one.

The next day was looking good when I left the house at 5:15 am., dry and cloudy, no rain yet. So I jumped in the truck to go to the boat ramp. As soon as I start to back the boat into the water the bottom falls out, raining hard for a few minutes. I text my client and ask him if he is a fair weather fishermen. I tell him I have rain gear. He says as long as he is catching fish he doesn’t care. Now understand I don’t fish in lightning! I’m not going to hold a seven foot graphite rod and wave it around during that. If it’s just raining, I have had several days on the water that were fantastic with a cloudy day or light rain. We didn’t get either. It rained on us for most of the four hour trip.

But just like the day before as soon as I got to my spot and turned off the motor the fish and the bait were there jumping out of the water. On my first cast a 4 lb. bass jumped out of the water and over my lure. We caught so many fish on top and just under the surface that I lost count. We even split the white bass and I put eight really nice fresh fillets in the freezer.

Derek Creason and son proudly show their success.

This time of year the fishing is usually pretty good. So if you’re looking for something fun and relaxing to do, please give me a call at: 828-223-0269 or email me at:,

Remember to take someone fishing and watch them smile!