By Larry Czajkoski

A member of the Thrush family, the Brown Thrasher is cinnamon-brown above with white wing bars, heavily streaked below with a long tail and slightly curved bill. Nearly a foot long, the Brown Thrasher is a strong handsome bird with strong sturdy legs well suited to “thrashing” about on the ground….and it does just that as it rummages with feet and bill among the leaf litter looking for beetles, grasshoppers, cicadas and caterpillars. Brown Thrashers also eat fruits, nuts and seeds (that are scattered on the ground at feeding stations.) A year round resident throughout most of the south, including the eastern parts of North Carolina, you’ll find the Brown Thrasher arriving in western North Carolina in March or April and staying through summer. This spring seems to have blessed us with a particularly large number of Brown Thrashers as I have noticed them often, almost on a daily basis. This bird has a lush resounding voice and sings a seemingly endless train of melodies from the beginning of a spring day to the end.