By Robert Taylor

First of all, there are several approaches. You, the collector, should determine your end goals

For the normal interested adult or for the adult to help a child or grandchild, try to concentrate in specialized segments of stamp collecting. Do not try to collect everything made in over 200 countries.

United States stamps are plentiful and can be both fun and not very costly to collect. Always remember, collect for the fun of collecting and NOT as an investment. You can further specialize within United States stamps by collecting Air Mail stamps, stamps of our presidents or stamps prior to the year 1900.

Many stamps from the 1840’s to the late 1890’s can be obtained in used (cancelled) condition for a fraction of their mint never used condition. This era also utilized an engraving process which was colorful and artistically beautiful. Many modern day stamps are image photographed (lithographed) then transferred to a printing process.

Relatively inexpensive U.S. albums can be bought via Ebay or Amazon web sites. Also, there is a plethora of educational booklets which can fully explain the stamp collecting process.

In addition, there are several stamp companies that sell bags of stamps for just a few dollars. A search of Google can yield at least a half a dozen stamp companies eager to satisfy your desired needs.

Lastly, there are many collectors and dealers who “invest” in stamps. These people are very experienced and well versed on purchasing and collecting upper end stamps. Please just collect for the joy of collecting.

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Happy collecting!