By Dave Leestma

That is the question we have heard more than once from voices most often coming from the back seat. For all of us who live here, that is not a question we hear because we’ve already arrived! Living at a vacation destination is certainly a good place to be.

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Stay or consider returning for our annual Lake Lure Olympiad Sports Festival August 11-13. Of the exciting sports offered to participants across the country, Pickleball is back. Michele Puchala, our USAPA Pickleball ambassador of Lake Lure tells us more about the sport with photos (see below) featuring our home Pickleball team readying for competition with and without rackets. Go to for more information.

Welcome to the lake for your best summer ever!

Could these be your new friends? Pickleball is a sport that was created by two friends looking to give their families a social activity during the summer of 1965. While the sport has been around awhile, it wasn’t until the retiring baby boomers got ahold of it that it exploded into the phenomenon that it is today. Part of the appeal is the fact that you can socialize and get physical activity at the same time. The other desired appeal is the sport can be played cross generational.
Pickleball is fast paced, exciting and fun. Come join us as Pickleball re-emerges in the 2017 Lake Lure Olympiad hosted by Rumbling Bald Resort, August 11-13.