By Michael Lewis

I don’t think so – not if you go early. This time of year you can go as early as you want. I usually start around 5:00 – 5:30 am and fish ‘till 9:00 am. or so. By then the sun is really hot and the fish seem to slow down as the traffic increases. Also once the water skiers and the tour boats get going, fishing in a boat can be like riding a brahma bull.

One of my best trips was a night trip that started at 3:00 am., and we fished ‘till after sun rise. We caught all kinds of fish small mouth, large mouth, white bass and bluegill.

Fishing can be great or it could be very slow. A few days ago I took a friend who I work beside, fishing, and he brought his son. We started at 5:00 am. and eased our way out to my spot. As soon as we got there the bass were waiting for us. They chased shad for four hours. It doesn’t always happen like that. I have seen them start at day light and as soon as the sun comes up over the trees they high tail it. I have seen them feed for an hour, and some days they don’t do a thing. The hard part is to watch them jump just out of range. If you try to chase them they always seem to come up from where you just moved. It’s better to have patience and stay where you are. They will come up close enough to cast to.  That is when the work starts. You have to cast right where the fish jumped or you will miss them. Then you have to be able to work the bait to tease the fish into taking it. If you can do that you will have a great day – ‘kind of like rubbing your tummy and patting your head. You have to reel and twitch the bait at the same time. If you jerk it too hard it will tangle. If your line is to loose when you get a bite you will have a hard time setting the hook. So keep your line tight and tug real hard when you feel the fish hit the lure.

Adam Shirah, the new Director of Food and Beverage at Rumbling Bald Resort and his son, Charley, had a great day. At one point I made five casts and caught five bass in a row.

Take a child fishing and watch the smile grow on his or her face. I will be glad to take you. Contact me at 828-223-0269 or: