By Dave Leestma

August is full of serendipities. Horace Walpole coined the term in 1754 meaning ‘a pleasant, unsought, unintended or unexpected surprise’.   Well that is just how I felt approaching Paul McDaniel’s family farm in Bill’s Creek to pick some tomatoes at his kind invitation then turning the corner to be happily surprised by fields of spectacular sunflowers (see our Breeze cover). It’s that unusual garden flower or vegetable that just looks, smells and tastes amazing, that dramatic and unpredictable August sky that can soak you to the skin in a moment’s notice, that major tug on your fishing line or that firm grip that finds you still holding on after cutting through a large wake – it’s all those unexpected things that make this month so memorable and worthwhile.

Dive into this Breeze edition to find stories, news, advice and images that may pleasantly surprise you. Get outdoors and enjoy what summer has to offer before those early fall routines begin. And don’t be surprised by those serendipities that just keep coming your way – living and working around here has its advantages!