By Bryant Williams


From early spring to early fall we enjoy the little hummers.

They winter in the far, far south, but stay here for their summers.

The males arrive first at the feeder to check out a nesting site.

Pretty soon their mates arrive from a long and treacherous flight.


Their little nests are made of mud and grass,

And they’re about the size of a small shot glass.

They produce two chicks. That’s the usual score.

There’s not enough room to handle any more.


Feeding these little chicks becomes quite a chore.

No matter how much they’re fed, they always want more.

They grow up fast and soon learn to fly,

To be ready for the long trip ahead by and by.


In early October the families take their leave.

How they make that long flight south is hard to believe.

They will return in early April to the same place I guess.

And they make their way back here without a GPS.