Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park and its restaurant, the Old Rock Café, have become part of 4-year-old Daniel Pitt’s daily routine.

“Every morning Daniel will say “flags up, restaurant open,” said Daniel’s mom, Stephanie Hodgson Pitts. “Every evening he says “flags down, restaurant’s ‘cwosed’.”

Since August of 2016, the Pitts family have called Chimney Rock their home and Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park their favorite place for outdoor recreation and family fun.

The Pitts’ kiddos, ranging in age from 2 to 9 years old, each have their own favorite part of the Park, meaning that each visit includes a few hikes along Chimney Rock’s many trails.

“Joseph, the oldest, enjoys going up to Exclamation Point,” said Joey Pitts. “Annie Belle– the only girl and second oldest– enjoys going to the waterfall. Daniel, the next boy and second to youngest, enjoys going up to the Chimney to see the flag, and Stephen, the youngest, loves to chase after his older siblings or see the Animal Encounters program.”

With each visit to the Park the Pitts not only make memories that will last a lifetime, but they also get plenty of exercise and outdoor time, which means for sounder sleep at night.

“Since we are 18-month passholders, we go to the Park at least twice a month,” said Joey. “The Park is a great, inexpensive activity that gets the kids’ energy out.”­

To find out more about the Pitts family’s favorite trails and for a full listing of Park events, visit or

Contributed to the Breeze by Landdis Hollifield, Public Relations and Promotions Manager, Chimney Rock State Park.

Annie Belle Pitts hugs tightly to the Park’s flagpole during a recent visit.

Joey Pitts carries 2-year-old Stephen Pitts to the family’s final destination.

The Pitts kiddos relax at Exclamation Point after a long hike.

The Pitts kiddos give a big grin after making it to the top of the Chimney.