By Cathy Leestma

It happened just this morning as I was on my walk through the neighborhood.
There was no doubt about it. The noise I heard was summer’s happiest hum and it came from the many working air-conditioning units. Anyone growing up in the south around the last mid-century remembers the depressing heat and humidity of summers before air conditioning. Actually there are bragging rights for those in the pre-AC club.

It is an honor of sorts to have survived.

You all have your stories, and these stories are a significant part of your history. So be sure and share your bragging rights with the young ones following you. They need to know that while we may not have walked through five feet of snow to get to school, we actually did learn to sleep with sweat dripping down our backs, and that wiping off with a towel after showers was mostly a pointless exercise.

I am glad looking back on it now that it was a big part of growing up in the south. Along with the awful humidity came unbelievably gorgeous sunsets and bleached white billowy clouds, frightening, yet wonderful, summer thunderstorms (which always improved my prayer life) and the sweet smell of the forest after the rain.

Fortunately for all of us this summer, the hum will keep us cool and dry. Welcome to this beautiful piece of heaven on earth!