By Tommy Hartzog

Exec. Dir., HNG Chamber of Commerce

A higher purpose exists within all of us. As my wife puts it “we all just have an audience of one”. Close your eyes and think about that for 60 seconds.

Your Chamber is, from a budget perspective, supported by Membership dues and what money we can make doing events. We have, at times, had to “hold our breath” to make it through some months but you have believed in our commitment to our mission and we still are chugging along.

A higher purpose is exemplified in our member roster and those who have supported us. It is very rare to hear a member or a prospective member ask “what do I get out of my membership?”

Those that join do so understanding the value of our contribution to our greater community. They pay their annual dues knowing the board and staff respect their hard earned money and will use those funds with the greatest care. They know that we are working hard to unify the citizens, identify and pursue essential businesses, work to enhance property values, welcome new neighbors and businesses, support community projects and work for the greater good.

Membership levels begin at $50 annually for family/supporter membership and move to $200, $500, $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000 for businesses. We have some at all levels and we regard each with utmost gratitude.

We ask you, the reader, to visit our website and thank and support our members who are contributing to the health, vitality and future of our community. You also may join at

Be part of “a higher purpose”.