By Randy Snyder

Here we go again! Summer 2017 is fleeting by and will have a very short life remaining by the time you receive this fall Mountain Breeze edition. Should we ‘fall back’ or ‘move forward’ this season of the year?

Despite daylight savings time which moved us forward causing a loss of one hour of sleep Sunday, March 12th, Sunday, November 5th necessitates ‘falling back’ as we gain one extra hour of sleep. But the fall season, officially starting September 22nd marks, in my opinion, a time to move forward!

This is the most beautiful time of the year where we live, thanks to Mother Nature and her beautiful pallet of colors with greens evolving to magnificent hues of red and gold. Move forward by getting out seeing the fusion of colors and be inspired by it all!

As the weather cools marked by lower humidity, cooler temperatures and, of course, shorter daylight times, we move forward with our changed schedules to accommodate chores needing daylight. Also the cooler temperatures can move us forward with renewed enthusiasm to perform outdoor activities and exercise for our personal wellbeing.

As residents of Hickory Nut Gorge and the surrounding area we move forward, as opposed to falling back, with the personal changes and challenges precipitated by the reality of the season. Our mental check off list includes house cleaning, landscaping, clean up and pruning where needed, changing out our closets and drawers from the lighter weight of summer clothes to the heavier garb and outerwear of fall. Regrettably, the swim suits get stored again and the shorts are replaced by long pants or trousers!

Boat owners regret moving forward removing their boats from the marina and “battening down the hatches” for the winter season. With Lake Lure’s intentional drop in water level this winter, we need to think about having our boats stored once again for the sake of owner dock and seawall maintenance.

Sports lovers tune into the baseball play offs and then move forward by turning their attention to professional football on Sundays and other evenings depending on the network NFL broadcasts. The real NFL “aficionados” enter into their Fantasy Football leagues with household or sports bar parties cheering on their chosen teams they revere.

Moving forward this fall must include planning for Halloween celebrations with costumes either funny or frightful to indulge in all the fun. We move forward planning for the holiday season which will be here before we know it, and may involve planning a family celebration at home or a trip to families and friends located elsewhere to celebrate a time of the year made for family and friend togetherness.

We have a lot to be thankful for! Moving forward this fall is the ideal time for many opportune and positive changes in our lives. Lest, we forget, in about 120 days (before we know it), the changes of the winter season will bring with it more opportunities to move forward with optimism for another new season ahead.