By Michael Lewis

Author’s note: I dedicate this article to my good friend Eddy Zappel who has gone to the big fishing pond in the sky. Check out the good fishing spots in heaven, Eddy. I’ll be there some day to fish with you again!

The fisher men are Eddy Zappel and Tom Browning

The main reason that you have to get up early to fish on Lake Lure is because of the water skiers and the heat. If the weather is nice it can feel like riding a bucking bronco. The waves from the boats will throw you up and down so fast sometimes, that water will come over the sides of the boat. That doesn’t happen often but it can be real hard to fish when the boat is rocking back and forth.

This time of year it slows down after school starts back. You can have a real good trip if you want to try fishing when it’s a little less crowded. Fish should come up between September and November. We fish all year here but that is when we get some of the best fishing. Not to hot and not to crowded makes for a good day on the water.

The streams are also full of water. This year we had quite a bit of rain so the creeks and the streams didn’t get to low. And when it starts cooling off the trout get frisky. A lot of the streams are catch and release so the best streams for fall fishing in my book are the wild trout waters. There you’ll find smaller fish usually but they bite more. I drift a dry fly with a small bead head nymph. The dry fly acts like a bobber if the fish takes the nymph, and every once in a while you will get two fish on at the same time!

The bass like the cooler temps as well, so if you can get away, now is a good time to go fishing in Lake Lure or any of the local streams in western NC. We can fish the structure with drop-shot rigs or a wacky worm and usually do real well. They will even bust bait on top water some days. If it’s a little cloudy they may do that for a while.

It’s a lot of fun when they play volley ball with your bait. You have to have patience. Don’t take the lure away from them before they eat it! They may not chase it far. If you wait till you feel the fish pull then pull back, you will have a great day.

So if you want to get out on the lake and have a blast, give fishing a try. Take a child fishing and watch the smile on that face when he or she catches a fish for the first time. I will be happy to take you. Contact me at 1-828-223-0269 or