With shorter days approaching and temps slowly dropping, those hidden leaf pigments of color come through with glowing yellows, sparkling oranges, warm browns, brilliant shades of red and purple crimson. Summer closes with many sightings of rainbows and autumn arrives in the Blue Ridge. Such spectacular natural events and the magic of it all encourage me to look out, look up and dream.

Dreaming can be a healthy momentary escape. It can open doors to realistic possibilities, clearer thinking, better solutions. Dreaming can be for us, as Kermit the frog sings, a “Rainbow Connection” to what still could or can be.

You’ll find that our family of Breeze writers has been caught in fall’s dreamy spell with gardening advice, autumn recipes, poems inspired by nature and news, tips for better building, fishing, painting, farming, collecting and stories of dreamers who have made a difference here. May your experience in this land of beauty be happy, satisfying and memorable.

Enjoy that fall spell and keep dreaming!