By Bryant Williams


I love to drive on mountain roads,

With all their hills and curves.

But for some of our flatland tourists,

These play havoc with their nerves.


You never know what’s coming up,

Around the very next bend.

So the drive is never boring,

With surprises end on end.


On the quiet winding mountains roads,

You often feel alone.

When you do meet other folks,

You wave, and then they’re gone.


I like it when I climb some peaks,

And get to higher ground.

Sometimes I stop and park the car,

There are the vistas all around.


Deer, wild turkeys, and many flowers,

You many times can see.

The fauna and the flora on these roads,

Can make the day for me.


The Interstates are very nice,

If you’re really in a rush,

But the traffic’s always heavy,

And the noises never hush.


I love to drive on mountain roads.

They never make me queasy.

So let me live where these backroads are,

Where the pace is slow and easy.