By Nicole D’Amato

What did the mountain whisper to you?

My friend of young heart,

Did she sing you a song?

Of which whistled by your self,

Yet you could not hear?

Or have you not listened to the call,

Thunder fallen on deaf ears.


I remember this song yet still,

Like a companion of old heart,

He croons for me to listen for his whistle,

Yet I still cannot understand,

My siren sister’s call reaches not my ear.


The privilege humbled to those,

Ears of tune and age,

Like a mastered violin craft,

Yet her song cradles my heart,

The soul’s agony tempered,

Silenced by his note.


And yet while I cannot understand,

Ears too young to hear the words he sings,

I too will weather like the mountain,

And I will hear the tenor of the song.


My mountain will whisper his words to me,

Friend of young heart please listen for it too,

Relish in the soul of that which surrounds you,

And when you weather, let the song advise you,

So maybe we will someday understand beauty.


While on a recent local internship here, Nicole D’Amato, granddaughter of Lake Lure residents Wolf and Tracie Kutter, wrote this poem after climbing to the top of Exclamation Point, Chimney Rock State Park.