By Wayne Hutchins

One group of perennials that grows very well in a large part of the United States and grows well in shade to part sun would be hostas. These plants are native to Japan and parts of China. Most hostas are grown for their very colorful foliage including the colors green, blue, yellow and white, with many having variegated foliage.

Paul’s Glory can reach 36” to 50” in diameter.

The culture of hostas includes soil with lots of organic material, lots of fertilizer, and water. Mature hostas can vary in size from a diameter of a few inches to more than six feet. Shade requirements include dappled shade or morning sun and afternoon shade. Too much sun during July and August can “burn” the foliage. There are several thousand varieties of hybrid hostas that have been developed from species native to Japan.

Many hostas grow very well in western North Carolina. Below you will find a list of a list of some of these along with their spread (diameter).

Kabitan 12” to 20”

Mouse Ears 8” to 14”

Chartreuse Wiggles 20” to 25”

June 30” to 40”

Abiqua Drinking Gourd 36” to 50”

Paul’s Glory 36” to 60”

Big Daddy 45” to 60”

Blue Angel 60” to 72”

Sum and Substance 60” to 72”

Stained Glass 30” to 46”


Wayne Hutchins is owner of Plants-A-Plenty Farm in Forest City, NC.