This is a story being told by a young hummingbird to his buddies.


So here I am visiting that house on Chinquapin where they have the two

feeders hung up and I got caught in a spider web. I can’t believe it.

I’m hanging upside down, totally trapped. I’ve been struggling it seemed

like forever but I just couldn’t get free. Even worse, the spider is

coming down the web. I have no idea what he had in mind but it was not good.


Suddenly this huge creature came out of the house and he had this white

thing (I think it was called a paper towel) and he  gently wrapped it

around me, held me and he freed me from the spider’s web. But my wings

were glued down and I was completely exhausted. At about that time this

other big huge creature came out and she had a little saucer with some

sugar water in it so I took a couple of drinks of that and it gave me a

little strength.


I kept turning my head around, using my beak to try to find the things

that were holding my wings and get them free. But I couldn’t do a thing

and I’m still held in the hand of this big creature. So I looked

directly at him and said “cheep, cheep” (hummingbird for can you help me

here?) The strange thing is I was totally at peace. Even with this giant

creature holding me I had no fear. I just kind of felt he was helping me.


So he gently lifts my wings away from my body one at a time and he finds

all the pieces of spider web that are holding me wrapped and he picks

them free. After 3 or 4 minutes of this he had my wings completely free

and I was a little bit re-energized. So I tried flying and viola, off I

went. It was amazing, I never saw anything like that in my life. I was

sure I was done.


A true story as told to Dick McCallum by Rufus Red Throat