By Michael Lewis

This year has been a little crazy – a rainy spring, hot dry summer then very little fall. Looking forward to a cool down and the fish to crank it up and start feeding. They tend to do what they want to do and not what I want them to do. Last trip after four inches of rain in two days, half of the lake was like chocolate milk. ‘Had to switch to a June bug finesse worm. I used a drop shot technique and caught two very nice large mouth bass.

This year could end up as a really good year if it ever cools off. Last year at Christmas I wore shorts and flip flops to Christmas dinner.

The trout fishing has been pretty good since we had a lot of rain earlier in the year and enough hurricane activity that lakes stayed full enough to catch both stocked trout and wild trout. So if you thank you might want to go fishing, call LewisNoClark Expeditions 1-828-223-0269 or check out my website: