By Bryant Williams


Friends are so important everyone needs a few.

Some are our old friends and some may be brand new.

It’s good to have a “best friend” on whom you can depend.

If you have a problem a best friend can help you mend.


Spouses should always be your very top best friend.

It’s a lifelong friendship that you pray will never end.

They are always closest no matter what life brings.

Sharing all the good times and kissing away the stings.


We should never look at friends as someone to be used.

Being friends is a two-way street never to be abused.

Friends don’t have to be the same sex or even close in age,

But it does help a lot if they’re reading from the same page.


Good times shared with friends are better than going it alone.

But friends may come and friends may go as life goes on.

So we should develop new friends as the old ones move away.

“To have a friend you must be a friend”, so the sages say.