By Andrew Willett


On September 22nd, the senior class of 2018 at Lake Lure Classical Academy spent the day at their senior retreat. The day was filled with fun activities and time for us to discuss important things such as the senior t-shirt design, along with the theme for prom, and what our Legacy Project will be. The whole day was full of great memories and lots of laughing and fun. The day was a great time to celebrate the hardships we had endured throughout our rigorous years of school, while spending time with our classmates. While we have had great memories in the past, none of them were as special as this retreat.


The best part of our senior class is that we are a very small group, allowing us to bond and all be close friends. Senior year is the best year of high school and should be cherished. While most of us have been dealing with arduous classes and dual-enrollment with ICC, the day was a great reminder that we should enjoy our senior year and create memories with our friends that will last a lifetime.


My favorite part of the senior retreat was how relaxed the event was as a whole. While we had basic structure for the procession of the day, we were allowed to engage in activities such as darts, ping pong, and volleyball. If that wasn’t what you wanted to do, you could sit and talk with your friends and just enjoy the moment. Our senior advisors, Mrs. Long and Mr. Smallwood enhanced the occasion and help to strengthen our relationships with them throughout the day. Whether it was discussing details and concepts of an upcoming play, or being themselves, furthering the experience as a whole, the senior retreat would not have been the same without them. Needless to say, the senior retreat was a start to something great!