By Debbie Clark

Have you ever seen a home that just grabbed your attention? The landscape was beautifully manicured and the house was neat and clean looking. There was something about that home that left a lasting impression. That’s Curb Appeal. If you are considering selling your home or just giving your home and landscape an update, here are some tips for getting great curb appeal.

  1. The first thing to do in achieving curb appeal is to look at your home and landscape honestly. Does the house need to be repainted or updated? Is the cement driveway covered in moss, stains or cracks? Is your gravel driveway full of weeds? Do you need to update light fixtures, house numbers or add shutters for an extra punch of color? Does your landscape look old and unhealthy? Take a walk all the way around your house and survey what needs to be done. Being honest with yourself is where you begin.
  2. First impressions matter in curb appeal. That means cut the grass, edge the walks, trim the shrubs, clean up the leaves, reseed the lawn, mulch beds and clean the driveway.
  3. If your shrubs are overgrown, cut them back or if they are not looking healthy consider replacing them. If trees or shrubs are overgrown and blocking the view of your house from the street or blocking views when looking out your windows, consider removal or cutting them back. Do not top your trees.
  4. Make your entry door the Grand Entry by adding planted containers to the front door area or adding a wreath on the door. Before you add that wreath, clean the door or give it a fresh coat of a contrasting paint color. Don’t forget to add a new porch light or address numbers or spray paint them for an updated look. Power wash the front porch or decks.
  5. Add a new mailbox or clean and paint the old mailbox. Then plant flowers around it.
  6. Clean the gutters from debris and tree seedlings. Do your gutters need to be repainted, repaired or replaced?
  7. Consider adding a birdbath, arbor, trellis, window boxes, decorative landscape lighting, furniture or a fountain to the front landscape for a welcoming
  8. Add planted seasonal or holiday containers of plants around your front door. Remove or change them when the holiday is over.
  9. Take a look at your grass. Do you have bare spots that need to be repaired or does it need a good cutting? Cut your grass at 3 to 4 inches in length and blow those grass clipping off the walks and driveways. Compost your grass clippings or mulch them back into your yard.
  10. In the fall, keep those leaves cleaned off your lawn, drives and walks. Mulch your leaves or compost them to improve your landscape beds.

Having curb appeal, is not that difficult to achieve and it can make all the difference in selling your home or having people admire your homes curb appeal.

Debbie Clark is a North Carolina Master Gardener. Visit her blog at: