By Alan and Ann Leavens

Thank you are two small words we learn to say at an early age, to show appreciation. A couple from Lake Lure, Nadine and Mike Masiello, have chosen to say thank you to the fire fighters who did so much to keep our community safe, in a unique way. They are spending this summer as Lookouts for the National Forest Service in the panhandle of Northern Idaho. This is the same district who sent their fire fighters to help fight the fire in Lake Lure.

They are in an isolated and somewhat primitive place. The fire tower is 60 feet high. Nadine and Mike have to carry in water, food and other supplies. Their reading lamp is a gas one. The days are long as they search the area for signs of fires.

The Masielloes have chosen to pay it forward and say thank you by filling a need in another community. For me, those two small words are for Nadine and Mike as well. Thank you for helping in a real way and thank you for representing the Lake Lure community.