By Michael Lewis

This is the second year in a row that the lake has been lowered for repairs. If you have your boat in the water you’ve got it made. The town of Lake Lure has to do some more repairs to the dam from what I understand. When they bring the lake down the fish don’t have as many places to hide. So they maybe easier to catch. At least they will be easier to find.

That’s a North Mills River Trout and Chef Tim Cacia of Rumbling Bald Resort.

I like to go out and take pictures of the creeks and trees and rocks that are in the water that you can’t see when the lake is full. Then I know just where to go when the water comes back up. Fish slow at first when it’s cold. They don’t like to waste energy. They will chase food if it’s right in front of them, maybe. I have seen them just stare at a bait in front of their face.

There are still a few trout in the lake and now is the time to go after them. I wait till it stays in the 30’s at night to go after them. When it’s that cold they will come up to the colder water in 10 to 20 feet. I troll a spoon and a #7 Rapala lure. They have broken the back off the Rapala before spinning so hard when they get to the boat. ‘Better to have a net.

The trout fishing in the creeks and rivers around the lake has been very good this year with plenty of rain and lots of great weather. If you like to fish small creeks with a fly rod or a spinning outfit let me know.

And remember to take a child fishing and watch the smile on their face.

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